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P90 Pickups

P90 Pickups

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Our P90s are the perfect option for someone looking for something different than the traditional single coil v humbucker choice. Warm without being muddy, clear without being too thin, they offer a beautiful "third way" for the guitarist who thinks outside the box.

The neck pickup is reverse wound, reverse polarity to give you a humbucking option with the middle switch position.

We wire all our P90s with a ground wire connected to one end of the coil, and a separate shield connected to the pickup's metal baseplate. This allows for phase reversal or wiring two pickups in series.

All our pickups are made by hand in Southern California using premium materials. They ship with #4 wood screws for traditional mounting direct to the body of the guitar. 

Our pickups come with color-coded Molex quick connectors so you can assemble electronics outside the guitar and connect the pickups once the loom is installed.

All pickups ship free, within 2 business days.

DC Resistance:
Bridge: 8.4 kOhm
Neck: 6.8 kOhm

Bridge: 8.1 H
Neck: 5.1 H

Bridge: Alnico 4 - North up
Neck: Alnico 5 - South up

Peak Resonance:
Bridge: 1.1dB @ 2.0 kHz
Neck: 1.0dB @ 2.8 kHz

Response Curve:

Wiring Instructions:

White Wire Hot
Black Wire Ground
Bare Wire Shield

NB. for most applications the black and bare wires should be soldered to your common ground (e.g. back of a pot), but if you want to add a switch for phase reversal, separate these two wires and solder each accordingly.

  • Premium Materials
  • Made in the USA
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Designed in Los Angeles
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Hardware Included
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Tele-Style Single Coil



Strat-Style Single Coil

Magnets Alnico V
Magnet Polarity South Up
DC Resistance 6.4K
    Magnet Wire 42 AWG Heavy Formvar









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