About Us

Johnny Foreigner Guitars is an electric guitar manufacturer and direct-to-consumer retailer based in Los Angeles, CA.

We offer our customers the opportunity to co-design their dream guitar, choosing options in over 20 categories leading to 1000s of possible combinations to create the YOU signature edition.


Tom Dowler, CEO

Tom's been dreaming about building guitars since he was a teenager in the North of England. These days, as well as our CEO, he's our head designer and you'll find him in Los Angeles, drinking tea, watching soccer and generally reinforcing English stereotypes.

Our Employer Manifesto

We value being ethical employers, and so we have chosen to publish our Employer Manifesto, a set of guarantees and principles that determine all of our actions as an employer.

All of our employees receive:

- Minimum of $25 per hour or $52k per year, before benefits

- Mandatory twice-yearly cost of living pay increases, calculated based on employee location

- Minimum of 20 days of paid vacation, 10 of which must be taken consecutively each calendar year

- Unlimited menstrual leave for those with uteruses

- An investment stipend to help build wealth

- Equity in the company

- A stipend to use for personal and professional growth

- Paid parental leave for the birth or adoption of a child

In addition we also commit that:

No-one at the company can earn more than 30x what the lowest-paid full-time employee makes (calculated on salary plus any bonuses). On average in the US in 2020, CEOs were paid 351 times as much as a typical worker. We don’t have data on how much the average CEO makes compared to their lowest paid employee.

We will engage in radical wage transparency by maintaining a document that details what every employee earns, including bonuses, and make it available to all employees.

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