Learn more about the pickups we equip on Johnny Foreigner electric guitars or shop the pickups directly. All Johnny Foreigner pickups are designed are designed and built right here in Southern California.

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Strat-Style Single Coil

Our strat-style single coils are a classic choice for players looking for the familiar chime and clarity of these timeless pickups. They come in a 3 pickup set, with a 5-way blade switch for a plethora of tonal options, and the reverse-wind, reverse polarity of the middle pickup means they're humbucking in positions 2 and 4. Perfect for clean tones in pop and funk, they also dirty up nicely for blues and rock players. No matter your genre, they offer everything you'd expect with articulate mid, and the crisp shimmer across all positions.

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Strat-Style Single Coil Demo

Tele-Style Single Coil

Whether you're a twang-hungry country player, a pop-aficionado or a Keith Richards-style rocker, our Tele-style single coil set is a versatile choice, with a ton of tonal options between the classic bridge pickup and its chrome-covered neighbor at the neck. We use a 3-way toggle switch and the neck pickup is reverse wind, reverse polarity so the middle position is humbucking. Without being mindless slaves to tradition, our tele set offers all of that classic goodness you can only get with this unique pairing.

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Humbuckers are a classic choice for a reason. Eliminating 60-cycle hum is a must for high-gain sounds, but they're also equally at home in jazz or pop settings. Our humbuckers are warm without being muddy, and are all made with 4-conductor wire as standard, so options for coil-splitting or series/parallel switching are available, even if you didn't add them originally. With a host of bobbin-color choices, cover options and mounting styles - including direct mount and rings in a variety of colors - the aesthetic possibilities are many.

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Humbucker Demo


Can't decide between single coils and humbuckers? P90s are often considered a third way that gives you some of the advantages of each. While they're technically single coils (and only humbucking in the middle switch position, thanks to the reverse wind, reverse polarity of the neck pickup) the sound is somewhat close to a humbucker - warmer but still articulate and clear. Beautiful for clean sounds, but very capable of playing with the humbuckers once you crank up the gain. 

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P90 Demo