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Humbucker Pickups

Humbucker Pickups

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Bobbins and Covers

Humbuckers are an obvious go-to when you're dialing up the gain for rock and metal sounds, thanks to their ability to dodge 60-cycle hum, but they're also great for all genres, anytime you want a warmer, darker tone.

We wire all our humbuckers with shielded 4-conductor wire, giving you options for coil-splitting, series/parallel switching and much more.

All our pickups are made by hand in Southern California using premium materials. They ship 3-48 machine screws for standard pickguard or pickup ring mounting.

Our pickups come with color-coded Molex quick connectors so you can assemble electronics outside the guitar and connect the pickups once the loom is installed.

All pickups ship free, within 2 business days.

DC Resistance:
Bridge: 9.2 kOhm
Neck: 7.3 kOhm 

Bridge: 6.5 H
Neck: 4.2 H

Bridge: Alnico 3
Neck: Alnico 4

Peak Resonance:
Bridge (no cover): 1.7dB @ 2.7 kHz
Neck (no cover): 2.5db @ 3.0 kHz
Bridge (w. cover): 0.5db @ 2.2 kHz
Neck (w. cover): 0.7dB @ 2.7 kHz

Response Curve:

Wiring Instructions:

White Wire North Start
Black Wire South Start
Green Wire South Finish
Red Wire North Finish


Our humbuckers ship with green and red wires connected and heat-shrinked, so for normal series operation, simply connect the white (hot) to your switch or pot, and black plus shield to ground. To open up other options, simply separate the red and green wires and connect to a switch or push/pull pot as desired.

We use a different color scheme than most pickup manufacturers, primarily because if white is hot and black is ground on every other pickup type, there's no reason it shouldn't be the same on humbuckers. See how we make your life easy?

  • Premium Materials
  • Made in the USA
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Designed in Los Angeles
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Hardware Included
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Tele-Style Single Coil



Strat-Style Single Coil

Magnets Alnico V
Magnet Polarity South Up
DC Resistance 6.4K
    Magnet Wire 42 AWG Heavy Formvar









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