Watch YouTuber The Bald Shredder Design a Custom Guitar

Watch YouTuber The Bald Shredder Design a Custom Guitar

At Johnny Foreigner Guitars, we've always had a deep-seated respect and admiration for the vibrant community of guitar related creators that flourish on YouTube. This platform has been a thriving hub where guitar enthusiasts, both newcomers and seasoned players, come to gather invaluable knowledge, hone their skills, and immerse themselves in the riveting world of guitar mastery.

This is why we decided to take a step further in celebrating this wonderful community by collaborating with one of the prolific guitarists and content creators on YouTube The Bald Shredder. 

Crafting a Masterpiece Together

Our excitement knew no bounds when we reached out to The Bald Shredder to embark on a one-of-a-kind project — designing a custom guitar using our website’s exclusive customizer tool. We wanted to create something unique, something that spoke volumes about the craftsmanship at Johnny Foreigner Guitars and the artistry of The Bald Shredder.

The Bald Shredder took to our website with a vision — to craft a guitar that would resonate with both his personality and the rich heritage of guitar playing that Johnny Foreigner Guitars embodies and asked his viewers to vote on a few of the customizations he was considering. 

  🎥 Watch the creative process unfold 


Awaiting the Honest Review

Our collaboration doesn’t end here. Once the custom guitar is crafted to perfection, embodying the very essence of The Bald Shredder's vision and Johnny Foreigner Guitars’ commitment to quality, it will be shipped to him for an honest and comprehensive review.

We are eager to share this honest review with our community, providing an insight into the craftsmanship, the sound quality, and the overall experience of playing a guitar designed with our customizer tool.

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