How we chose the third-party hardware we use for our guitars

How we chose the third-party hardware we use for our guitars

What third party hardware do we use in our guitars?

At Johnny Foreigner Guitars, we take pride in using only the best hardware in our electric guitars. We understand that the hardware is just as important as the wood and electronics when it comes to creating a high-quality instrument. That's why we use trusted third-party hardware brands like Hipshot and Gotoh.

Hipshot is a brand that we use for our guitar bridges (both fixed and tremolo) and tuners (both open-back and locking) in our standard model guitar, The Six. Their bridges are known for their sustain and stability, while their tuners are smooth and precise. We believe that using high-quality hardware like this is essential to creating a guitar that not only sounds great but also plays well and stays in tune.

Hipshot hardware is made in the US - just like our guitars - and we think that's really important for our standard range guitars.

The Intro is our entry-level model and one of the areas where we wanted to be able to reduce price without compromising quality was the hardware. We opted for a fixed bridge from Japanese company Gotoh and imported tuners.

When you design your dream guitar with us, you can rest assured that we will use only the best hardware available. We want you to have an instrument that you can be proud of and that will inspire you to play your best. So why wait? Start designing your dream guitar today and let us bring it to life with the best hardware in the business.

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